For Educational Consultants

WanderRock has been created to meet the need of a shorter term, lower cost programming for neurodiverse young adults that could benefit from a transformative travel experience in between high school and college, over college summer breaks and between college and work. We're looking for young adult participants who will benefit from a non-traditional, short-term program that is more akin to The Amazing Race than any traditional RTC or wilderness program.

Our program offers intentional opportunities for adventure, self reflection, cultural exploration and community service, with the opportunity for the trip participants to be trained as guides on future trips. Our trips empower neurodiverse young adults to have endless opportunities for growth, achieve greater degrees of confidence, build new connections within themselves, their fellow travelers and the world around them, and ultimately gain more life experience through adventure & education, so that they may live their most meaningful lives. Young adults will address and improve issues pertaining to executive functioning, sensory integration and deep self care in a thoughtfully crafted and partially self-guided journey of self-discovery.

Our trips are for young adult travelers that can function on their own but are stuck and in need of guidance, perspective and purpose.

If that sounds like one of your clients, feel free to call or text us at (628) 529-1318 or email for more information.